Thursday, 24 April 2014

SPORE Art Salon VIRTUAL Edition!

This month, we have planned something really, really special... we are going to present...
the inaugural SPORE Art Salon VIRTUAL EDITION!

Partnering with, the 41st edition of SPORE Art Salon will take place in a spankin' new interactive virtual gallery, brainchild of artist Eugene Soh! This month, we have a wonderful feature of artists from the UK, US, SG... and these names you might just be familiar with...
we 'check in' on our dear NG YI-SHENG who is currently in Norwich!
And welcome back to the salon stage RYAN DANIEL BECK and KITTY WHITELAW !!!
On top of this, we will also be featuring two Singaporean visual artists who will be allowing us a little peek into the studio spaces of which they create work !!! Isn't technology amazing !??? is an interactive virtual gallery space where you become 'first person' in the virtual world, move around these spaces designed by Eugene Soh, appreciate work contributed by artists from all corners of the globe, communicate with the other international users who are logged on at the same time... and for the very first time, attend SPORE Art Salon edition with artists live-streamed from wherever they are based in! The options, when you think about them, are as limitless as our imagination! So come join us in this venture! Walk with us as we take on the new experiment!

WHEN : Tuesday 29 April 2014
8PM (GTM+8) onwards

Your virtual presence will be greatly appreciated !!!



1 Go to URL on 29 April
2 Select and download virtual gallery software
3 Unzip downloaded folder and run file
4 Fill in name, email address, select Gender and hit 'Enter'



RYAN DANIEL BECK (performer / choreographer)

NG YI-SHENG (writer / poet)

SEALIONWOMAN (music / performance)

more info coming your way soon !!

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