Sunday, 30 December 2012

25th Edition : Quick Shots!

Talent Cafe Asia is an excellent place to host the 25th Edition - we had a cosy and intimate evening that ended with Don Shiau energizing our souls with his excellent musianship. Much kudos to the team at Talent Cafe for making the evening so easy and wonderful!

Photos here :

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

SPORE Art Salon : 25th Edition at TALENT CAFE!

Post-Christmas and pre-New Year, we've decided to keep things on the low and in 'chill' mode this coming 25th Edition happening 27 December. Join us and the folks at Talent Cafe for a cozy evening of our favourites to feature - some film, poetry, music, drawing, and a toast to having had a great 2012. See you then!

WHERE: Talent Cafe (2nd Storey)
WHEN: Thursday 27 December 2012, 7:30PM onwards
FB Event Page :


DON SHIAU (musician) 
Don has been quietly writing songs for well over a decade. Frustrated with amassing a body of work which few people have had the chance to hear, he decided to start plying the open mic circuit this year, performing to live audiences for the first time. His songs often deal with the search for meaningful human connections, wrapped in melodic verse-chorus-verse pop sensibilities. More of a songwriter than a guitarist, performances are Don's way of 'practising in public' to get good enough to 'record in private'. He hopes to release a proper EP--either solo or with a band--sometime in 2013.
Nilofer Ashraff is an educator, writer and an occasional spoken word poet. She conducts creative writing workshops for children where they use poems, short stories as well as performance poetry to express themselves. She also facilitates writing groups for adults through Writingthecity, Singapore.
She has performed her poetry at various locations in Singapore as well as open mics in England. She is currently working on putting together her first poetry collection as well as starting to write a novel.

RAIHAN HALIM (filmmaker)
M. Raihan Halim often calls himself a “part-time scriptwriter, fulltime storyteller”. His thesis film, Ech|o, was an award winning short film that garnered the Best Feature award at the 1st Annual Inter-Chinese University Film and TV Festival in China. He would later write his script, After Life which won the Golden Pen Award at the MDA: National Scriptwriting Competition 2005. His HD telemovie, Love Under Covers was released in December 2006. In the Pesta Perdana 2007, the drug drama Dian 3 that Raihan co-wrote, won the best drama award. Raihan had directed in Grafiti, a youth drama on Suria and also written for the episode “Broken English” for Stories of Love on Channel 5. Raihan is head writer for “OKB”, an 8 episode anthological drama-comedy for Suria and had directed in Projek Cerpen, a highly rated drama in Suria. He is looking forward to produce his first feature movie.

... more details to come soon! 

Thursday, 6 December 2012

24th Edition : Photos + Video!

T'was a cozy rainy Tuesday evening celebrating the SPORE Art Salon's 2nd birthday, and as usual, some visuals made by Irni to feast on post-event :

Also, a short video very nicely put together by sound artist Louis Quek during his collaboration with visual artist Wong Lip Chin. Footage by Thaïs Breton :

Special thanks to the few open-mic-ers who jumped on so very enthusiastically when we opened the stage to all... and thanks to everyone who came out and made it such a special evening!