Sunday, 18 August 2013


GUYS... it's the 33rd Edition! As well as the 'SEE YOU LATER, YI-SHENG' edition!
As you may already know, writer/poet Ng Yi-Sheng has been co-curating the SPORE Art Salon editions alongside Olivia Kwok. And now that he has decided to go spread his awesomeness and wings abroad for a little while, we are going to dedicate this kick ass edition to him. Expect, of course, no one other than the man himself, Ng Yi-Sheng, who will bring you delight with poetry! Tickle funnybones with THE IMPROV COMAPNY, and boogie with THE VOODOO SOUND
(this one you have to hear...).
Our avid fans of life drawing, you will be pleased to know that the drawing sessions are BACK and this time, we have a nude model for you! So bring your friends, family, pencils, pens, paper...
Come have a nice Tuesday evening with us all! See youuuuuuu!

WHERE : BluJaz Cafe (3rd Storey)
WHEN : Tuesday 27 August 2013 8PM onwards
$10 / guest --- includes 1 drink
proceeds benefit BluJaz and SPORE Art Salon featured artists



Crispin is an educator, emcee and writer. In between churning out research papers and marking assignments, he writes short plays, poems and is now experimenting with prose. Inspired by everything from folklore to quantum physics to Bob Dylan, he is interested in the ways literature, music and visual art interact. He has performed at events such as the Singapore Writers Festival and The Arts House Writers Party, and is a past president of the Epiphany, the NTU English and Drama Society (, where he still contributes to their magazine and theatre nights. He is the current editor-in-chief of a new online literary journal, The Eloquent Orifice (, the publications arm of Alterity Productions, an upcoming drama and literary group, and has a collection of plays due at the end of 2013.

So, I am Yannick Laviolette, 39 years old. In France, I was a pharmacist and an art collector. When we decided to leave France, I quit my job and decided to work for what I really love: Art. I try to make promotion of French artists in Asia, and at the same time Asian artists in France. I know a few artists in France so I start to be a model for them, painters, photographers and pose for drawing as a nude model. I am still a model for a photographer in Singapore, and for drawing classes in LASALLE.
I have a page on Facebook where you could see the artists I like and defend. Art is a part of my life, and I couldn't believe to be without Art, I come here with photos and drawing in my luggage, more than clothes!

We are an Industrial Progressive Percussion Band from Singapore by the name of Voodoo. We blend the ingredients of Funk, Metal & Ethnic rhythms into a tight concoction of Intense Experiential Music. Our desire to stand out among the many percussion groups has pushed us to attain a brand of sound which encompasses the diverse tastes of today’s audience.
The line up of percussion, guitars, and vocals, carry an identity that is distinctly Voodoo - FAST, LOUD, CRAZY!
From our orchestra players who appreciate heavy metal to our funk enthusiast who hearts the beat of traditional Asian drums - These are the people who create and shape Voodoo into its unique form. So, if you want to get your crowd rocking and shouting no matter who they are, we are that band. With our extensive exposure to festivals & street performances, you can expect an aggressively magnetic experience.

NG YI-SHENG (writer/poet)
Ng Yi-Sheng has been a performer, MC, occasional artists' model and curator of SPORE Art Salon since March 2010. He is a full-time writer and part-time writing teacher, with his work covering multiple genres, such as slam poetry, drama and journalism. He has written four books and co-edited five, including the recently released collection of subverted folktales, “Eastern Heathens”. This is his last month in Singapore for a while - he'll be leaving the country to do a creative writing MFA in the UK. Do consider checking out the final event he's organising in Singapore: ContraDiction: an Evening of LGBT Literature, on Sat 31 August, 7:30pm at 72-13 Mohamed Sultan Road!

The Improv Company is a Singapore-based improvised theatre-focused company. With roots in the NUS Stage’s IMPROVables, their members have had years of experience running weekly open improv workshops, and performing regularly. They take immense pride in telling good stories, and making theatre fun and accessible for all. Join them at SPORE Art Salon as they riff off your suggesions to spontaneously create and tell stories with you!