Wednesday, 11 December 2013

SPORE Art Salon 37th Edition ... SEE YA 2013!

WHAT A YEAR it has been, you guys!
Can you believe it? December already?
So we've got a pretty interesting evening planned for the 37th Edition...
it is the LAST. MONTH. of the year after all so LET'S CHILL THE HECK OUT!
Come by to watch Super funny poetry man on stage, Shivram Gopinath! Fingers on fire Thomas Low! Aaaaaaand... we're treating ourselves to insanely diverse belly boogeying with Maisha & Azara!
Oh yes also perhaps some... video/audio thingamajig with Philipp Aldrup !???
OMG and we have a guest POET coming by. Then we draw for a bit in between it all.
Not too much for a nice night out, right ?

WHERE : Artistry at 17 Jalan Pinang, Singapore
WHEN : Tuesday 17 December 2013
7:30PM onwards
$10 donation / guest
proceeds benefit SPORE Art Salon featured artists



He needs no introduction, but is humble enough to write one anyway.
He is widely acknowledged to be a shining exemplar of adorable modesty. 
He is a brain surgeon, the protector of Peruvian virgins. 
A celebrated beekeeper, a parkouring building leaper. 
He taught Macgyver, Erykah Badu and Hemingway (good ol’ Hemi) everything they know. 
His disarming charm was the reason for Kerr’s bye-bye to Bloom.
An avid time-traveller, he invented, among other things, elastic, yoga, snow angels, and English. 
He is the legend stuff is made of. 
He is the rock. He is the hard place. 
He reads poetry.
Shivram Gopinath is also the author of the best-selling self-help book, How to be awesome like Shivram Gopinath.

THOMAS LOW (guitarist)
Raised in a family of musicians, he is no stranger to the world of music, having taken up guitar after years of classical training at the age of 9 he started of learning classical guitar as well as some blues and rock under the guidance of Remigius Francis. It was not until a couple of years after when he eventually got his hands on an electric guitar and his journey to become a full-time musician/entrepreneur began.
Now in his final year of a Diploma in Music course in LASALLE College of the Arts, Thomas has immersed himself many genres ranging from funk, soul, blues, jazz, rock as well as his specialty; metal. Having played in various groups like Soundwave Hyperbole (Disbanded) and Lion City Percussion Movement's "Voodoo" (or "The Voodoo Sound") as well as random sessions and jams from Sultan Jazz Club to NUS and various Community Centers around Singapore, he is no stranger to the performance world. So prepare to be dazzled by fast-fingers, technique and style maybe get to know him better and find out that just reflects his personality.

MAISHA & AZARA (tribal/fusion dancers)
About the artists:
Maisha is a lecturer, acoustician and a trained musician. Two years ago, she began to take an interest in the Arabic language and developed a special interest in oriental dance. In order to expand her knowledge of the dance, Mandy trains constantly with both local and international professionals. Her favourite style is Egyptian folkloric.

Azara was a budding musician before she discovered that dancing brings her greater joy than playing music. Hungry as a newbie dancer, she created events (parties, concerts) just so she could perform in them. Her greatest audience had been one with 4000 people at a corporate event, performing as a sword dancer. Having performed publicly with various musical instruments, her musical experience lend texture and substance to her dance. She is best known for her feel for rhythms and the passion exuded in the dance. Her dream is to devote herself to dance as a mastery, and through this art, bring beauty and soul to the world.

About the artists:
Philipp Aldrup is a photographer from Germany, based in South-East Asia since 2005.
He creates visuals that are dramatic and contemplative; somber but not pessimistic.
His works are meditations and a quiet rebellion against a Zeitgeist based on sheer functionality and perfection.

Dream State Vision is a solo project initiated by Shaun Sankaran.
Consisting one track lasting over 2 hours with accompanying artwork and instruction manual, the self-titled Dream State Vision is an ambitious piece of music that drifts alternately between the visceral and conceptual. With Satie’s furniture music and Eno’s ambient music as historical forebears, DSV draws focus on the act of listening itself. Released exclusively as an MP3 digital download, its mode of distribution and listening format are a reflection of present-day consumption habits.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

BTNK [cllctv] (MY) x SPORE Art Salon (SG)

SPORE Art Salon presents - THE MASH UP!
This is a little unconventional from the usual once-monthly editions, but all for a good reason!
Join us in an evening of music! Revel in the auditory pleasures of ROCK, ELECTRONIC, WORLD music... and the explosive poetry performance of Deborah Emmanuel!

8PM @ Artistry (17 Jalan Pinang)
$10 / donation


Intriguant - electronic music

The Voodoo Sound - rock music

Babushka - instrumental world music

Deborah Emmanuel - musician, performer, writer, poet

The Mash Up features musicians who have been presented in previous SPORE Art Salon editions, AND whom, will also be travelling to perform at BTNK, a live music venue in Kuala Lumpur on the 14th of December. Just for the heck of it. No, really...

Proceeds collected from your support of THE MASH UP will contribute to the funding of this travel.

BTNK [cllctv] (MY) and SPORE Art Salon (SG) present... four horsemen!

Musicians representing four different musical style from Singapore with two local acts, equals to a phenomenal experience as this will be the most anticipated showcase by us at BTNK.
The four horsemen as the title given is simply about the elements brought by these musicians/performers which ranging from Rock, Dub, Electronic and World music and it is something that should be witnessed.

8PM @ BTNK (Menara MPAJ Ampang, KL)
MYR15 / donation


The Voodoo Sound (SG) funk, rock, ethnic with intense percussive instrument

Wobology (SG) dub, reggae, electronic

Intriguant (SG) hip hop, electronic, visual, soul, experimentation

Babushka (SG) jazz, folk, world music compositions

The Metaphor (MY) instrumental, post, progressive rock

Simfoni Ketiak Beracun (MY) poet, sound artist, performer

Four Horsemen is one of the very first out-of-home-ground collaborations SPORE Art Salon has taken on, bringing previously featured musicians at the SPORE Art Salon editions to perform with Malaysian peers! We are very honoured to be able to work with independent music and art space, BTNK of Kuala Lumpur! Here's to more in the future!