Sunday, 30 December 2012

25th Edition : Quick Shots!

Talent Cafe Asia is an excellent place to host the 25th Edition - we had a cosy and intimate evening that ended with Don Shiau energizing our souls with his excellent musianship. Much kudos to the team at Talent Cafe for making the evening so easy and wonderful!

Photos here :

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

SPORE Art Salon : 25th Edition at TALENT CAFE!

Post-Christmas and pre-New Year, we've decided to keep things on the low and in 'chill' mode this coming 25th Edition happening 27 December. Join us and the folks at Talent Cafe for a cozy evening of our favourites to feature - some film, poetry, music, drawing, and a toast to having had a great 2012. See you then!

WHERE: Talent Cafe (2nd Storey)
WHEN: Thursday 27 December 2012, 7:30PM onwards
FB Event Page :


DON SHIAU (musician) 
Don has been quietly writing songs for well over a decade. Frustrated with amassing a body of work which few people have had the chance to hear, he decided to start plying the open mic circuit this year, performing to live audiences for the first time. His songs often deal with the search for meaningful human connections, wrapped in melodic verse-chorus-verse pop sensibilities. More of a songwriter than a guitarist, performances are Don's way of 'practising in public' to get good enough to 'record in private'. He hopes to release a proper EP--either solo or with a band--sometime in 2013.
Nilofer Ashraff is an educator, writer and an occasional spoken word poet. She conducts creative writing workshops for children where they use poems, short stories as well as performance poetry to express themselves. She also facilitates writing groups for adults through Writingthecity, Singapore.
She has performed her poetry at various locations in Singapore as well as open mics in England. She is currently working on putting together her first poetry collection as well as starting to write a novel.

RAIHAN HALIM (filmmaker)
M. Raihan Halim often calls himself a “part-time scriptwriter, fulltime storyteller”. His thesis film, Ech|o, was an award winning short film that garnered the Best Feature award at the 1st Annual Inter-Chinese University Film and TV Festival in China. He would later write his script, After Life which won the Golden Pen Award at the MDA: National Scriptwriting Competition 2005. His HD telemovie, Love Under Covers was released in December 2006. In the Pesta Perdana 2007, the drug drama Dian 3 that Raihan co-wrote, won the best drama award. Raihan had directed in Grafiti, a youth drama on Suria and also written for the episode “Broken English” for Stories of Love on Channel 5. Raihan is head writer for “OKB”, an 8 episode anthological drama-comedy for Suria and had directed in Projek Cerpen, a highly rated drama in Suria. He is looking forward to produce his first feature movie.

... more details to come soon! 

Thursday, 6 December 2012

24th Edition : Photos + Video!

T'was a cozy rainy Tuesday evening celebrating the SPORE Art Salon's 2nd birthday, and as usual, some visuals made by Irni to feast on post-event :

Also, a short video very nicely put together by sound artist Louis Quek during his collaboration with visual artist Wong Lip Chin. Footage by Thaïs Breton :

Special thanks to the few open-mic-ers who jumped on so very enthusiastically when we opened the stage to all... and thanks to everyone who came out and made it such a special evening!

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

24th Edition... celebrating our 2nd Birthday!

Hello, Salonistas!!!
A turn of the head, and here we are - at the 2nd birthday of our SPORE Art Salon editions! Yikes! This November, we bring you the 24th Edition re-visiting some of the featured artists you might have had a ponder about in the past year or so... And also whom we have invited back to continue with where they left off! It'll be a night of catching up, new connections and conversations, and just a little bit of reminiscing! So, like we always end off with... See you then!

WHERE: BluJaz Cafe, 3rd Storey (12 Bali Lane)
WHEN: Tuesday 27 November 2012, 7:30PM onwards
FB Event Page :




LIP (visual artist)
in collaboration with
Louis is a sound artist/electronic musician who performs under the name "Intriguant".
He explores the concept of Granular Synthesis, Pulsar Synthesis and the perception of microsounds.
He aims to engage the audience in an altered perspective through aural interpretations and sensory.

ANDREA VAZQUEZ (singer/songwriter)
Andrea Vazquez is a seventeen-year-old singer/songwriter.
She is currently in her senior year of high school and taking music as a subject. She has been interested in music ever since she was a little girl, and has always loved being on stage performing. She began composing her own songs when she was just 12 years and has more than 60 songs to date. She gets her inspiration from her own experiences, and each song talks about a specific event in her life, She looks up to singers like Sara Bareilles and bands like Maroon5. She is self taught in guitarist and piano player and loves to play both instruments. She regularly takes part in school music shows and loves performing in open mikes around Singapore. When she graduates high school she hopes to go to London to study Music Management in University and pursue it as a professional career in the future.

NG YI-SHENG (poet / host)
Ng Yi-Sheng has been involved as a performer, MC and curator of SPORE Art Salon since March 2010. He is a full-time writer in miscellaneous genres, including slam poetry, drama and journalism. This year, he was supposed to publish three books: his gay-angst-filled university memoir “Diary of a Stone Monkey”, his fairy tale “The Crocodile Prince” and the fiction collection he co-edited, “Eastern Heathens”. All of them have been pushed to next year. He tweets at @yishkabob and blogs at He is also trying to read books from around the world at

Daniela Beltrani, classically educated in Italy, a doctor in Law and a docent for the Singapore Art Museum, Daniela  gained a Masters of Arts in Contemporary Asian Histories in 2011 from Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore. Since 2010 Daniela had curated solo and group exhibitions and written articles for art publications. In June 2011 she set up a performance art platform, SPAM - Self Performance Art Meetings. Her interest in performance art both as spectator and performer allows her to explore different levels of communications. On lazy hot afternoons, Daniela enjoys sipping Teh Halia in Little India.

Nina believes that this is the zeitgeist of the generalist.
She is trained in film/video production and works as a freelancer.
Which leaves her some times to learn and practice other forms of creativity and colloborate with all kinds of fantastic SG folk.
She is currently doing a permaculture design course, leading her mind to unexplored territory. Here are links to some of her pursuits -

Organiser and curator of the SPORE Art Salon editions, Olivia on regular days documents spaces, processes and people in photographs, with particular interests in theatre, film, architecture and travel. On the other days, you may find her loitering in supermarket aisles.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

23rd Edition - PHOTOGRAAAAPHS! And a Video!

Hey folks, so we have been really lucky this month to have had 2 photographs snap away during the evening of truly what was a mish mash of things - visual art, two types of dance from the extreme ends of the spectrum, poetry in malay and a film screening!

And treats for your eyes -

Set 1 by Irni -

Set 2 by Christopher Oon -

Video of Syv Bruzeau's butoh dance -

Monday, 5 November 2012

Lambanō : Contemporary Fusion Dance Show

Lambanō, greek for 'to actively receive', is an independent production produced and choregraphed by Maggie Koh, Kenneth Tan and Lim Yizhen. Staged at a local dance studio and school Jitterbugs Swingapore, this is an initiative to explore current societal values of practicality in an idealist.

For behind the scene photographs and updates on Lambanō, visit -

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

SPORE Art Salon 23rd Edition : 30 October !

WHERE: BluJaz Cafe, 3rd Storey (12 Bali Lane)
WHEN: Tuesday 30 October 2012, 7:30PM onwards
FB Event Page :



Janette Maxey was born in California and raised in Connecticut. She holds a BFA in painting and a minor in western Art History from Hartford Art School where she was awarded a scholarship to study painting in Italy. She has studied with renowned artists Richard Baker, Stephen Brown, Christopher Chippendale, Emily Eveleth, Catherine Kehoe and Stewart Shils. Maxey moved to Singapore in 2009 where she continues to reside and work.
Her pieces have been on view in a variety of group exhibitions most recently including The French Bookshop and The Fullerton Hotel Heritage Gallery in Singapore and New Britain American Art Museum in the USA. Among her awards include a residency at the Vermont Studio Center funded by the Urban Artist Initiative. Her works are part of public and private collections in Singapore, Taiwan, Australia, France, New Zealand and throughout the United States.

GHAZI ALQUDCY (filmmaker)
Ghazi Alqudcy is a Singaporean filmmaker whose works have been screened in many countries, such as Australia, UK, Germany, Indonesia, as well as, galleries like the Valentine Wille Gallery, Singapore. In 2007, Ghazi had a retrospective screening of three of his films - Laskhmi, Serah Diri and Block 46 at The Substation's Guinness Theatre. In late 2011, Ghazi was also invited to attend the Asian Producer's Lab at the Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival in Korea. This inaugural session is organized by the Network of Asian Fantastic Films. 2012 marks the year that Ghazi graduated with a BFA in Digital Filmmaking under the Temasek Endowment Fund Sunburst Scholarship. He was also previously awarded the Goh Chok Tong Youth Promise Award Scholarship in 2008. His current motto is "Buy less T-shirts and make more films".

He will screen 'Block 46' (15 minutes) at the 23rd Edition of the SPORE Art Salon.



SYV BRUZEAU (dancer)
Born in France, Syv Bruzeau went to Japan after university to explore Asia and its culture and never left this part of the world. Following her passion for food and travel, she and a friend opened a vegetarian restaurant in Vietnam and subsequently in Thailand. She always found food as a pathway to provide joy and bonding between people. This passion enlightened her interest in healing therapies and led her to movement healing. She discovered Butoh while in Japan and studied it in the Himalayas, in New York City and in Japan. She was mainly trained by Japanese Butoh master Lee Rhizome and learned as well from Eiko and Koma, Katsura Kan,Tetsuro Fukuhara and Natsu Nakajima.
Syv believes that movement is self-healing, self-discovery and creation. Through Butoh and movements, she wants people to reconnect with themselves and with their true potential. 
By going beyond our limitations, we can re-pattern our self-perception, re-discover the infinite possibilities, freedom and joy of movements, and create new pathways in life.

Syv will be dancing to the music of Jacopo Gianninoto at the 23rd Edition of the SPORE Art Salon.

 Maestro Jacopo Gianninoto is a guitarist, lutenist and composer from Italy.
He is the creator and director of multidisciplinary projects such as “Baroque Me Baby”, "Renaissance Redux", "Romance is a Hoax", "The Praise of Folly - Tarantule Tarantate" and many more. His portfolio include several recordings and books, and he gave recitals, concerts and master classes in many countries around the world. He is currently a Full-Time Lute and Guitar professor for Assumption University of Thailand, while also collaborating with several international music institutions such as Fondazione Levi and Opera Siam.
His composition work is mostly focused in the creation of sounds and music for Dance, Theatre and various performances, including collaboration with Cretacon (Italy), MK-Danza (Italy), Bel Teatro (Italy), Alessia Garbo (Italy), Syv Bruzeau (France), Mie Ito (Japan) and Urban Bones Dance (France-Thailand), with works presented at the "Biennale of the Mediterranean" (Sarajevo) and the "Biennale Di Venezia".

Isa Kamari graduated with B.Arch (Hons) from the National University of Singapore (1988), and M. Phil in Malay Letters from the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (2008). He is currently Manager, Architecture with the Land Transport Authority of Singapore.
He has written seven novels in Malay: Satu Bumi, Kiswah, Tawassul, Menara, Atas Nama Cinta, Memeluk Gerhana and Rawa. Three were translated into English. He has also published two collections of poems, Sumur Usia and Munajat Sukma, a collection of short stories, Sketsa Minda and a collection of theatre scripts, Pintu. Isa also writes song lyrics and scripts for television drama serials and documentaries.
Isa was conferred the S.E.A. Write Award (2006), the Cultural Medallion, the highest arts award in Singapore (2007), and the Anugerah Tun Seri Lenang, the highest malay literary award in Singapore (2009).

"Live, Love, Laugh ... Dance!"
Dancers from the Jitterbugs Developing Artiste Programme (DAP) will perform "YO", one of the pieces choreographed by Bernard Phua, KC Yong and Goh Phei Ling for the upcoming DAP graduating show. This 'showcase teaser' will feature Salsa, a popular street latin dance taught at Jitterbugs Swingapore.
About "Live, Love, Laugh ... Dance!"
"Live, Love, Laugh ... Dance!" is the Jitterbugs Swingapore® Developing Artiste Programme 2011/12 Graduation Show featuring 6 graduating artistes, a showcase of 13 dance items consisting of various genres, including a special beatbox performance. It is guaranteed to be an exciting concert showing the versatility and unity of seven talents to create a memorable, impactful and inspiring show for the audience and the artistes themselves. Tickets at $18 and $25 available at Jitterbugs Swingapore®. For more information, visit
Salsa "YO" Dance Item is -
Benny Lee Jung Thai, Marrion Jeremy Quaimbao, Yong Mei Lien, Nadia bte Abdul Malek (dancers)
Bernard Phua, KC Yong, Goh Phei Ling (choreographers)
Fen Tonge, Cindy Zhuang (directors)

FIONA JEREMIAH (featured model)
A freelance Drama Teacher in both Primary and Secondary schools, lead female vocalist in retro pop and rock band, Retro Groove, as well as freelance actress, Fiona is a very cheerful and happy-go-lucky girl. Happily married, she lives with her husband, Calvin, a fiesty Singapura, a fat cross Persian and a timid Jack Russell Terrier.

MARC NAIR (host)
Marc Nair has been writing poetry for more than ten years. He has published two books, the latter one a volume of travel poems. He has also set numerous poems to music with his band, Neon and Wonder, and  gigs at various places around Singapore. Marc is also active in the poetry slam scene, and slams regularly at Blu Jaz Cafe. He also had the opportunity to represent Singapore at the World Event of Young Artists in Nottingham in 2012. Marc is currently a project manager with Word Forward and does photography on the side.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

22nd Edition - PHOTOS !!

T'was a wonderful evening, t'was an evening of artists in collaboration, in modes of sharing... let's have a set of photographs beautifully taken by Christopher Oon do the describing -

Thanks to all who made the evening amazing!

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Featured visual artist KSM creates work for the 22nd Edition!

Our featured visual artist of the 22nd Edition, KSM aka Siew May has created a series of works that will be showcased during the evening of 25th. These works are also for sale, and as initiated by the lovely artist, half the proceeds contributed by you will be donated to a charitable organisation - yay!

"HUNGRY" Mixed media, 36cm x 28cm, $300

"HUNTED" Mixed media, 28cm x 22.5cm, $450

"MURDERED" Mixed media, 36cm x 28cm, $300

Do check out the rest of Siew May's works at and in person on the 25th!

Monday, 17 September 2012

SPORE Art Salon : 22nd Edition 25 September !!

September's been chock full of 'happening' events, what with the visit of some royalty here on SG grounds, and um, the new citizenship granted to a certain pair of mammals, etc.... It's all been very exciting, but we're just happy to return to base and invite all of you to the 22nd Edition of the SPORE Art Salon, and as usual, we will be collaborating with a happy assortment of characters - an illustrator, a screen actor, a DJ!, a pharmacist!!??, PLUS, a literary one, a musical one, and some improv-ables!! Intriguing enough? Come find out what's happening on September 25th... see you then!

WHERE: BluJaz Cafe, 3rd Storey (12 Bali Lane)
WHEN: Tuesday 25 September 2012, 7:30PM onwards
FB Event Page :



KSM is a singaporean illustrator and animator with works featured in Culturepush and Noise Singapore 2012. Her most notable work was a digital animation titled “Switch” , which was done with her final year project team members from Nanyang Polytechnic. The short film was showcased in the local Crowbar Awards 2010 and has received gold for 3d animation, gold for animation and silver for art direction. Although she is trained as an animator, KSM loves to dabble with things outside her major such as motion graphics and photography. She has produced works ranging from traditional to digital, thus allowing her to be versatile as an artist.



ROY TAN (host)
Tan is a healthcare professional passionately interested in documenting local LGBT history. Tan started all the Singapore LGBT-related articles in Wikipedia in 2005 and ported every article removed by deletionists to SgWiki. He has also recorded and amassed the most comprehensive collection of local LGBT videos onYouTube. Tan intended to organise Singapore's first gay pride parade at Hong Lim Park in 2008 after the government legalised protests there. This later morphed intoPink Dot SG, an event which supported the "freedom of LGBT people to love" and which later spread worldwide. Together with fellow citizen Tien Kim Chuan, Tan marched in Singapore's first and only gay Chingay contingent when the public were allowed to form their own marching group in 2010.

Adeline Pang is a bilingual actor in English and Mandarin. Based in Singapore, she has a BA Hons degree in Acting (LASALLE) and a Mass Communications Diploma (Ngee Ann Polytechnic, specializing in Acting/Directing). Adeline has acted in various local TV dramas like Unnatural 2, The Pupil 2 and Point Of Entry 2; TV commercials for Tokio Marine, Daikin and Siloso Beach Resort; short films such as National Day (Directed by Shuming He); and films such as Mister John (Akanga Film Asia, Directed by Joe Lawlor and Christine
Molloy) and Swimming Nude (9 Harbors Productions Shanghai, directed by Gu Yi, Canada International Film Festival 2010 - Award of Excellence); and she was the Singaporean presenter on the cable TV program Fashion Asia (Star TV China).

NABILAH H. (poet)
Nabilah H., sometimes, works under the name ‘quillbomb’. She goes through pseudonyms like she goes through bottles of salsa cheese. Nabilah has been writing since she knew what the act of writing
involved (a pen and a paper, and enough muscle control). Her poetry often covers topics like creation, social change, liquid, feminism, one-way relationships, attempts at love, movement, self-actualisation, internal debates with the wankers that live in her head, living in arepressive city-state and caffeine. She likes words like ‘coup de grâce’. She has recently gotten over her fear of public speaking and started performing her poetry to audiences that are not imagined. She has read at Poetry Unplugged (London), Sage & Time (London) and various Poetry Slam events in Singapore, and runs a spoken-word open-mic (destination: INK) with her visual-textual collective, spacer.gif.She is somewhere in the middle of a venn diagram that attempts to combine art and activism as a co-conspirator of MonkeyMask.
Nabilah’s mother believes she might wither away as a hobo carving words on scaffolding if she keeps up this ‘art stuff’. She likes cats and tea biscuits. Nabilah, that is - not her mother­.

Heinz Kinsey is a 24-year old Mechanical Design Engineer, who discovered DJ-ing through a love for music. He specializes in Trance and occasionally, House. He is currently working on producing his own music.

The IMPROVables! are a Singapore-based improvised theatre troupe. Established in 2010, they have performed at A.C.I.D 2011, Lit Up Singapore 2012 and Goodman Arts Centre 2nd Open House 2012. Their aim is to introduce Singapore to the art of improvised theatre and popularize it by staging shows based entirely around suggestions from the audience and conducting workshops to introduce the basics of improvised theatre to participants.

ROY & JERLIN (musicians)
New to the music scene, Roy started performing at small events such as art exhibitions, pubs and cafes such as Swee Lee Music Cafe, Taboo etc., at a tender age of 17. And at 19, he is joined with his close friend, Jerlin, to embark on this journey fuelled by their passion; Music. Their forte includes folk-pop, acoustic-pop, Indie-pop. And this duo is has one objective in performing, and it is to put a smile on the faces of the audience and make their night memorable.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

21st Edition - A de-brief

It was our first visual art live demo since making BluJaz Cafe home of the SPORE Art Salon editions on the 28th night of August last month, and can we just say a big THANK YOU to all who came out - friends of artists, friends of the arts, family, curious individuals... and of course, our photographers and even a videographer, all who play a key part in documenting the entire length of the event! Enjoy the visuals!

Photos by Guoyi Ng :
Set 1 -
Set 2 -

Photos by Christopher Oon :
Set 1 -

Photos by Irni :
Set 1 -

Video of weish's Menstrual Song :

And a kind review initiated by a very talented Jocelyn Suarez:)

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

21st Edition - Asri Scola 'CREATIVE OUTBURST'

If you missed the salon's very first visual art 'live demo' at BluJaz Cafe since the move from Echo Loft in Chinatown... here is it, documented in stop motion, of graffiti artist Asri Scola and his famed (quote) 'creative outburst' of 30 minutes!!

Initiated by our new guest photog., the lovely mister Guoyi Ng!

Resulting, all cling-wrapped and ready for the road -

Cheers to Asri, his good bunch of friends and of course Guoyi... the creative energy is priceless!!

Sunday, 19 August 2012

SPORE Art Salon : 21st Edition !!

It's our 21st salon! To celebrate our coming of age, we're calling a mix of fresh and familiar faces to the stage.You'll encounter a live graffiti artist, a brand new model and a nationally awarded poet. Plus, you'll get to say hi again to Weish from the Cold Shoulder (18th edition), Su from 'Call Me Bea' (19th and 20th) and Fauzo from the Russian Dolls (5th, 9th and 14th). Come hang out with the family!

WHERE: BluJaz Cafe, 3rd Storey (12 Bali Lane)
WHEN: Tuesday 28 August 2012, 7:30PM onwards


UPDATE: Alvin Pang was not able to make the show - he called in sick with a very sore throat!


ASRI SCOLA (visual / graffiti artist)
Asri Scola describes himself as a teleporter who feeds on visual aesthetics. It has been a decade since he started writing his way into the street/graffiti culture. His progressive works explores the intervention of spatial relations and colours, interspersed with distinct streaming line movement. Scola versatility has seen his artworks exhibited in " 100 Friends:100 Artists ", " Art The Hall - Art Garage " and " Off The Wall - Graffiti Kings from France and Singapore " exhibitions to name a few.
His works has been featured in different platforms such as Culturepush, Actually MAG, Arts Republic, Singapore Writers Festival and Street Visibility Catalogue.
He was one of the 4 winning designs for ActuallyMAG 8th Signature bag competition recently. Currently his hands are tied with street art NDP project, Calligraphy Graffiti works for local museum (revealed soon) and pending exhibits.
Besides doing mural and illustration, Scola likes to dwell on different array of disciplines from printmaking to paper-cut to photography. Significantly, he enjoys the process more as it gives the ability to eliminate and reconstruction that allows for accidental self-discovery. Though Scola likes to document and express his thoughts through his artwork, his normal alter ego has a conflicting separate identity of procrastinating and unusual fascination of teleporting.



TEH SU CHING as "Felicity"
Teh Su Ching is a bilingual writer, performer, and producer. A short film she wrote and produced, Ash, premiered at the Moscow International Film Festival in June. A condensed, silent version of Ash, renamed Evening Shift, has been shortlisted for the Louis Vuitton Journeys Awards. In 2011, Shanghai theatre group 3rd Culture Theatre staged her English and Mandarin play Seven Days in Jing An in Shanghai’s Jing An district theatre festival. In 2008, another play, Russia! was featured in the Yale Playwrights Festival. Russia! was also read at The Substation, where Lim Yu Beng played the lead. Su Ching's full-length play Ubin will be given a reading in New York's Workshop Theatre in October. Catch her as forensic expert Jean Wu in the hour-long drama Code of Law, which debuts on Mediacorp's Channel 5 September 13th.

Born in 1990, Jurane Solano has been singing the instant she could, with more than a few winning titles under her belt. She grew up listening to “almost every genre conceivable”, but says that “Broadway almost always comes out tops.”
Her love for musical theatre is evident – she’s played the lead actress in several local productions to full-houses, commanding a nationwide following.
She hopes to one day create a platform that can leverage on people’s artistic talents to make a real improvement to the world.

weish (musician)
Weish started out as a wedding singer many years ago, but only began writing songs proper in 2010 and has never looked back since. Extremely excited about expanding her sound, she has grown from a lone-ukulele getup to vocal and instrumental looping, as well as forming bands - among which is Cold Shoulder, for whom she sings and plays the synth. She currently hosts the open mic sessions at The Pigeonhole, and is passionate about providing platforms for new musicians to grow and be found.

Alvin Pang (b.1972) is a poet, writer and editor. His poems have been translated into fifteen languages, and has appeared in major festivals and publications worldwide. A Fellow of the University of Iowa’s International Writing Program (2002), his books include Testing the Silence (1997), City of Rain (2003), What Gives Us Our Names (2011) and Tumasik: Contemporary Writing from Singapore (2009). He was Singapore’s Young Artist of the Year for Literature in 2005, and received the Singapore Youth Award for Arts and Culture in 2007. He represented Singapore at London’s Poetry Parnassus event, part of the 2012 Olympic celebrations. His most recent volumes of poetry – both just released in 2012 – are: Other Things and Other Poems, published in Croatia, and Waiting for the Barbarians published by Arc in the UK.

FAUZO (musician)
A 'veteran' of the SPORE Art Salon editions, Fauzo loves challenges and exploring various intricate pieces of Classical music. His deep love for music started when he first learnt the power chords of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit". From then on, a musical journey began with the exploration of various genres - from Latin Rock to Progressive Rock and finally, finding love in classical music after nailing Mozart's Piano Sonata on the electric guitar, an assignment proposed by his guitar instructor.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

20th Edition - Photo web links!

What can we say, Ren Robles, his team, Fredi, Pooja, Blotch Studios, dear Deborah brought us all to tears and laughs and a little wee bit of puzzles in our heads that make for great conversation during the 20th Edition...!! We can't express our gratitude to everyone who came out and made our night...

2 sets of photographs contributed by Soefian Suradi and new guest photog. Guoyi Ng are right here !

Saturday, 4 August 2012

R O S A R I O - A documentary by ANSH

Rosario from Anshul Tiwari on Vimeo.

The SPORE Art Salon chanced upon this lovely documentary made about a street musician recently and thought to share it here on our blog with the rest of you!

Rosario is a new age documentary about a busker - Dennis Rosario - performing in the subways of Singapore in the hope to become a successful musician one day. The film is a musical narrative, a slice of his life, echoing the spirit of street music. As Dennis talks about his life’s philosophies, we begin to ask ourselves the real meaning of love, happiness and life itself.

About the filmmaker
ANSH is an independent filmmaker, writer and film editor based in Singapore. He started his filmmaking career making short fiction films in India. His first film No Condom No Sex was featured in United Nation’s EIGHT festival in New Delhi. After moving to Singapore, Ansh made a documentary EQUAL ARK on detention kids undergoing horse therapy and a short musical film Flying Memories. Afterwards, he joined a feature film A Gran Plan as a chief assistant director and chief editor. Then he made a short film Hello Daisy which was nominated for the best short film of year award at very short international film festival (VSIFF 2012). His latest musical character biography Rosario is doing the festival circuit.

Visti for updates on his work, and if you'd like to check out more of his videos!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

SPORE Art Salon : 20th Edition, 31 July!

Happy National Day! Red and white flags are going up all over the island, but we Salonistas are staying decidedly international. This month’s awesome visual and performing arts lineup includes a Swiss experimental trombonist, a Filipino playwright and an American actor, as well as a host, a poet, a model and a short film, all from dear old Singapore. Come join the mish and mash of things and create conversations within. See you soon!

WHERE: BluJaz Cafe, 3rd Storey (12 Bali Lane)
WHEN: Tuesday 31 July 2012, 7:30PM onwards
FB Event Page :



Deborah Emmanuel has been telling stories since she could talk. Her first story was that there was a microscopic pterodactyl living inside her ear, which when she was reading would not allow her to hear the dinner bell. Since then, she has used drama and creative writing to tell other stories which have reached out to many people. Her first time on stage was at age 4 in the kindergarten circus musical, in which she desperately wanted to be a ballerina, but was made to wear a hairy bear suit instead. Since then she has played several human acting roles, and appeared as an educational speaker and performance poet on many occasions. She believes in art as a tool for change and reform. She also knows that anyone can heal when they express themselves through art. Deborah will continue to write, perform and teach as long as she exists.


POOJA (poet)
Pooja Nansi is a teacher and poet who believes in the power that speech and performance can lend to the written word. Her first collection of poetry "Stiletto Scars" was published in 2007 at the Singapore Writer's Festival. She has performed and conducted workshops in several educational institutes both locally and abroad such as Kuala Lumpur and London, with individuals of different ages to try and make poetry relevant to their lives. She has also participated in poetry projects such as "Speechless" with the British Council, where she worked in conjunction with poets from London, Ireland, Taiwan, The Phillipines, Malaysia and Vietnam and engaged in a month long tour of the UK to explore issues surrounding freedom of speech. She is most passionate about using poetry as a platform to raise awareness about issues close to her heart.

 INTOXICATED (stage play)
INTOXICATED is (mostly) a comedy about love and alcohol. Trish (EARL MALLARI) is a fun-loving girl who loves to party, but has a tendency to drink a little bit too much and get into all sorts of crazy shenanigans. On one such night, her good friend Jim (GARETH PROSSER) confronts her about her apparent alcoholism. Neither Trish nor Jim is prepared for the emotional rollercoaster that is to follow.
INTOXICATED is the second play to be staged by Roofdeck Productions at the SPORE Art Salon, following the successful staging of ALL I WANT during the 9th edition in August 2011. INTOXICATED is written and directed by Ren Robles, and stars Earl Mallari and Gareth Prosser. Jason Miller is Assistant Director for this production, with Ace Bigcas as Stage Manager.

Bass trombonist Fredi Sonderegger was born and brought up in the small town of Herisau in the northeast of Switzerland. He has been a member of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra for over 10 years, while holding the post of coordinator of brass studies at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and lecturer at the School of the Arts. As a soloist and clinician, he has traveled extensively throughout the South East Asia region, performing in China, Thailand, Jakarta, Taiwan, and Malaysia. He has also performed in Italy, France and Germany as well as USA. Groups he has played with include La Fenice, The Freiburg Baroque Orchestra, Concerto Vocale, Les Cornet Noir, GregLyon’s Omniform, the Jeremy Monteiro Big Band as well as the Brass Explosion Big Band. He has also had the opportunity to display sound installations and perform in ad hoc theater groups incorporating his music.
Fredi’s sound art has been exhibited in Singapore, Macau and Taiwan. He has also performed in ad hoc theater and in a staged solo venture. He will perform at the Jeju International Band festival in August 2012. Future projects include the making of a solo CD and tours to Australia and New Zealand.




"Mother", 7min
This film is a tribute to all mothers of the world. There are times when we may not appreciate your presence, but we will always feel your absence. Although we may not agree on everything, we thank you for your unconditional, everlasting love and dedication, for bringing us into this world and for showing us what it means to be a selfless pillar of our families.

About BLOTCH Studios -

 Blotch is new, nebulous, and constantly rediscovering itself; it is emerging, growing and always seeking new grounds to conquer. It cannot be defined, cannot be contained. It is a vision, a belief, an ideology. It is a reason to fight, for all of our dreams combined. It is a group of individuals but also one.

In 2012, founding members of randomINK decided to take a new direction and bring together a group of creatives passionate in their individual fields to form a creative collective. This cumulated into Blotch Studios. Many of us previously graduated from Hwa Chong Institution's Art Elective Programme (AEP). We envision Blotch Studios as a multi-disciplinary studio that has a focus on filmmaking. Our members also dabble in creative pursuits as diverse as graphic design, photography, animation and illustration, and we see this cross-pollination of ideas and influences across art mediums as a distinctive feature of our group.


Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Lit Up Singapore 2012

Over the last year and a half, SPORE Art Salon has featured a whole lot of performance poets. Now, many of them are involved in a literary arts festival called Lit Up Singapore.

The event's running from Sun 22 to Sun 29 July at Telok Ayer Performing Arts Centre (TAPAC), the soon-to-be-demolished building at 182 Cecil Street, Singapore 069547. 

The website's at, and the Facebook page is here. The event's also non-profit, so the organsers are raising funds via a Rockethub page.

There'll be shows, workshops, exhibitions, bazaars, plays and musical performances. We'd especially like to highlight the launch:

Lit Up Singapore 2012 Launch  
TAPAC Courtyard, 4:30-7pm, Sun 22 July

Besides being a wonderful place to mingle, this event will mark the debut the Party Action People, a spoken word troupe made up of *Marc Nair, *Lee Jing Yan, Nabilah Husna, *Deborah Emmanuel, *Zuni Chong, Abel Koh, *Charlene Shepherdson and SPORE Art Salon curator *Ng Yi-Sheng.

Asterisks (*) denote poets who have previously performed at SPORE Art Salon. Nabila Husna is also lined up for a performance in September. Come by and check out what happens when a group of poets slams together.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Hello folks, we're looking for MODELS!

Drawing sessions in between the stage performance of the SPORE Art Salon editions have been, and still are, an important feature during our monthly gatherings. It is made up of 3x20minute sets of models posing for our guests, of whom will participate in these sessions by picking up pencils, ink, or even the iPad. Some choose to use these sessions to mingle with the rest in the crowd. It is a feature that allows a new model to step into the concept of life drawing, or an opportunity for one to re-evaluate rules of a conventional life drawing session.

If you'd like to get involved - be in character, dress up, or not dress at all - do write us at SPOREARTSALON @ GMAIL.COM

We will be waiting to hear from you!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

19th Edition - a De-Brief! + Photos!

Wow, it had been a pretty... interesting night, with a mixed bag of fine artists, filmmakers, dancers, theatre professionals, visual artists, architects and manyyy more gracing the 19th Edition! Thanks to everyone who came out to the event, and sat through an evening of performance art, awesome poetry reading, interpretative dance pieces and a short stage play!!!

Here are the images of the evening, made by guest photographer Christopher Oon... enjoy!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

SPORE Art Salon : 19th Edition 26 June !!

Happy mid-year, one and all!! The 2nd half of 2012 brings us a good dose of performing arts and a dash of the visuals at the 19th edition of the SPORE Art Salon. Invite yourselves to an evening of poetry reading, a short stage play, performance art, dance and of course, life drawing! Same time, same place, and you know it...
see you then!

WHERE: BluJaz Cafe, 3rd Storey (12 Bali Lane)
WHEN: Tuesday 26 June 2012, 7:30PM onwards

FB Event Page :


Don Shiau writes songs for leisure, and occasionally performs them for punishment. Having taken to the stage with a guitar only in the last few months, he is now plying the open mic circuit as way to 'rehearse in public', in the hope that he may one day become competent enough to 'record in private'. He has been a regular face at the SPORE Art Salon for close to a year, usually lurking with a sketchpad and a Tokyo Iced Tea. You cannot find his songs anywhere on the internet ... yet.


Born in Spain 1978, holds degrees in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona, ​​is currently writing her doctoral thesis on how the way of pictorial experience and contemplative experience, lead to the same extent, to the unit.
She has performed solo and group exhibitions throughout Europe, South America and also in Singapore last year, during their residence invited by Jason Wee Grey Projects.
Her work is in private and public collections in different countries as well. This year, repeated her trip to Singapore to perform along with Kelvin Atmadibrata, an installation in Substation, during days 21 to 28 June. Both artists were part of residency exchange program Initiated by SinCat, a Singapore-Catalan cultural research team, Grey Project, a project space and residency by Jason Wee and Nau Cochlea, a residency space in Catalan by Clara Gari.



LEA McGOWAN (dance)
Lea McGowan-Host and Performing Artist, Model Lea is delighted to be a part of Art Salon again, presenting inspiration for visual artists as she blends modeling and dance segments. For almost two years Lea has lived in Singapore working as a dancer/acrobat/performing artist for the theatrical circus production of "Voyage de la Vie" which concludes as the longest running show in Singapore's history July 16, 2012.  Lea has also become active in the local stand up comedy scene, and you might recognize her from replays of America's Got Talent...Don't miss your chance to see Lea in action at her last SPORE Art Salon before she takes off!

A wordsmith, illustrator and creative educator, Charlene works with text and images to explore the evolution of traditional art as it adapts to the confines of space and time in city living; reflections of the city through the eyes of its inhabitants.
Raised on a diet of Scrabble, Boggle and Wheel of Fortune, Charlene loves playing with the intricacies of syllables; deconstructing words to build new towers of meaning. Recently, her art and visual poetry have been showcased in The Arts House, The Substation, Singapore Writers Festival 2011 and Lit Up Festival 2011.
When not refueling the caffeine running through her veins, Charlene can be found collaborating as 1/3 of spacer.gif, a visual-textual art collective and in Party Action People, a spoken word troupe. She makes yeti-like appearances at

CALL ME BEA (stage play)
"Call Me Bea" is written by Teh Su Ching, and featuring Su Ching and Ruzaini.
CALL ME BEA also features choreography by Glory Ngim and video work by Wee Li Lin.
It is about Beatrice Lim, a socialite Tai Tai who has a tumultuous relationship with her aspiring singer-songwriter daughter Felicity. When Bea tries to seduce Ismail, a member of staff at the Singapore Elite Country Club, her world turns upside down.



Teh Su Ching's short film Ash is an official selection at the the 2012 Moscow International Film Festival. In 2011, Shanghai theatre group 3rd Culture Theatre staged her bilingual one-act play Seven Days in Jing An at the Jing An district theatre festival. In 2008, another one-act play, Russia! was featured in the Yale Playwrights Festival. Russia! was also read at The Substation, where Lim Yu Beng played the lead.
Her full-length play Ubin will be given a reading in New York's Workshop Theatre in October. Ubin's Tisch Asia reading in April featured Karen Tan and Oon Shu An in lead roles.
 In 2009, Su Ching's short story DnD, penned under the pseudonym Stella Chung, was featured in the anthology “Romance Volume 2” by Renaissance Publishing. Su Ching also acts - you may remember her as the teenage Penelope Chan in Raintree Pictures' Chicken Rice War (2000). She holds a BA in Literature and Theatre Studies from Yale University, and an MFA in Dramatic Writing from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, Asia. She's now writing a feature-length coming of age teen dance film that centers around Mambo Nights at local nightclub Zouk.

Recent directing credits include developmental readings of Ubin by Teh Su Ching, The Book of Living and Dying by Chong Tze Chien, and Lightning from Heaven by Scott Sickles. As a playwright, his work has been performed in Singapore at the Arts House and 72-13, and in New York at The Tank NYC, the Bushwick Starr, Lumenhouse, and the Brooklyn Reliquary.

He is the Artistic Director of LoNyLa Singapore, which is dedicated to developing new works by Singaporean playwrights, regularly producing readings of new scripts in exchange with theatre artists around the world.
With Jean Tay, he is an instructor for SRT’s Young Co Playwrights, which is in its inaugural year of training new dramatic writers.  He has an MFA from NYU Tisch School of the Arts Asia, where he is Program Coordinator and Adjunct Instructor for the Department of Dramatic Writing.

Ruzaini has been doing mainly production work for the past 3 years with various companies such as Wild Rice, Toy Factory, Singapore Repertory Theatre and STAGES. An actor at heart, he also acts for YellowChair Productions and NYUTischAsia Drama Lab work.