Wednesday, 21 November 2012

24th Edition... celebrating our 2nd Birthday!

Hello, Salonistas!!!
A turn of the head, and here we are - at the 2nd birthday of our SPORE Art Salon editions! Yikes! This November, we bring you the 24th Edition re-visiting some of the featured artists you might have had a ponder about in the past year or so... And also whom we have invited back to continue with where they left off! It'll be a night of catching up, new connections and conversations, and just a little bit of reminiscing! So, like we always end off with... See you then!

WHERE: BluJaz Cafe, 3rd Storey (12 Bali Lane)
WHEN: Tuesday 27 November 2012, 7:30PM onwards
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LIP (visual artist)
in collaboration with
Louis is a sound artist/electronic musician who performs under the name "Intriguant".
He explores the concept of Granular Synthesis, Pulsar Synthesis and the perception of microsounds.
He aims to engage the audience in an altered perspective through aural interpretations and sensory.

ANDREA VAZQUEZ (singer/songwriter)
Andrea Vazquez is a seventeen-year-old singer/songwriter.
She is currently in her senior year of high school and taking music as a subject. She has been interested in music ever since she was a little girl, and has always loved being on stage performing. She began composing her own songs when she was just 12 years and has more than 60 songs to date. She gets her inspiration from her own experiences, and each song talks about a specific event in her life, She looks up to singers like Sara Bareilles and bands like Maroon5. She is self taught in guitarist and piano player and loves to play both instruments. She regularly takes part in school music shows and loves performing in open mikes around Singapore. When she graduates high school she hopes to go to London to study Music Management in University and pursue it as a professional career in the future.

NG YI-SHENG (poet / host)
Ng Yi-Sheng has been involved as a performer, MC and curator of SPORE Art Salon since March 2010. He is a full-time writer in miscellaneous genres, including slam poetry, drama and journalism. This year, he was supposed to publish three books: his gay-angst-filled university memoir “Diary of a Stone Monkey”, his fairy tale “The Crocodile Prince” and the fiction collection he co-edited, “Eastern Heathens”. All of them have been pushed to next year. He tweets at @yishkabob and blogs at He is also trying to read books from around the world at

Daniela Beltrani, classically educated in Italy, a doctor in Law and a docent for the Singapore Art Museum, Daniela  gained a Masters of Arts in Contemporary Asian Histories in 2011 from Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore. Since 2010 Daniela had curated solo and group exhibitions and written articles for art publications. In June 2011 she set up a performance art platform, SPAM - Self Performance Art Meetings. Her interest in performance art both as spectator and performer allows her to explore different levels of communications. On lazy hot afternoons, Daniela enjoys sipping Teh Halia in Little India.

Nina believes that this is the zeitgeist of the generalist.
She is trained in film/video production and works as a freelancer.
Which leaves her some times to learn and practice other forms of creativity and colloborate with all kinds of fantastic SG folk.
She is currently doing a permaculture design course, leading her mind to unexplored territory. Here are links to some of her pursuits -

Organiser and curator of the SPORE Art Salon editions, Olivia on regular days documents spaces, processes and people in photographs, with particular interests in theatre, film, architecture and travel. On the other days, you may find her loitering in supermarket aisles.

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