Saturday, 4 August 2012

R O S A R I O - A documentary by ANSH

Rosario from Anshul Tiwari on Vimeo.

The SPORE Art Salon chanced upon this lovely documentary made about a street musician recently and thought to share it here on our blog with the rest of you!

Rosario is a new age documentary about a busker - Dennis Rosario - performing in the subways of Singapore in the hope to become a successful musician one day. The film is a musical narrative, a slice of his life, echoing the spirit of street music. As Dennis talks about his life’s philosophies, we begin to ask ourselves the real meaning of love, happiness and life itself.

About the filmmaker
ANSH is an independent filmmaker, writer and film editor based in Singapore. He started his filmmaking career making short fiction films in India. His first film No Condom No Sex was featured in United Nation’s EIGHT festival in New Delhi. After moving to Singapore, Ansh made a documentary EQUAL ARK on detention kids undergoing horse therapy and a short musical film Flying Memories. Afterwards, he joined a feature film A Gran Plan as a chief assistant director and chief editor. Then he made a short film Hello Daisy which was nominated for the best short film of year award at very short international film festival (VSIFF 2012). His latest musical character biography Rosario is doing the festival circuit.

Visti for updates on his work, and if you'd like to check out more of his videos!

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