Monday, 17 March 2014

SPORE Art Salon 40th Edition: 25 March!

SPORE Art Salon presents the 40th Edition of 2014!
This month - we have a melting pot of zentai, music, poetry, dance and drawing!
Featuring both local and international artists on the same stage, the 40th edition will prove to be one
of our most diverse editions yet. Come by with your drawing materials, meet new faces and
let's make the Tuesday evening worth its while!

WHERE : Artistry at 17 Jalan Pinang, Singapore
WHEN : Tuesday 25 March 2014
7:30PM onwards
$10 donation / guest
proceeds benefit SPORE Art Salon featured artists



YUZURU MAEDA (zentai performer)
Yuzuru is an artist and musician from Japan.
She has been working on the art project called 'Zentai Art Project', which is sound art, performance art and video works.
In her Zentai Art Project, she is  trying visualise her inspirations by expressing them in video frames and performances. Her generic theme for the project is about ‘Who am I’ and ‘What is the truth and reality’ in life. She thinks these answers are beyond what words can explain and she hopes to come closer to it through the series of Zentai Art videos, performance and music.

Stephanie Dogfoot is a performance poet who has been writing poetry ever since her first gerbil died when she was 11. She writes about the joys and horrors of everyday human interaction, history, identity, growing up and things that make her angry. She performed her writing at a poetry slam for the first time on her a small cafe in Vancouver on her 21st birthday in 2008,,won the Singapore National Poetry Slam on her 23rd birthday in 2010, represented Singapore at the Indian Ocean Slam later that year. On her 25th birthday she found herself performing to a bunch of drunk teenagers at 6AM in the rain at a bonfire at a festival in Northern England. She honed her performances a little bit more at the backs of pubs,in squats and around more bonfires while living in London and won the UK National Slam in 2012. She has represented the UK at two European Slam Championships and at the Poetry World Cup 2013. She has also performed around Germany,at the Glastonbury Festival and also at the Edinburgh Fringe Festivalvwhere she took her solo show 'Foreigner Go Home (with me!)' She is currently a host of a monthly spoken word night called SPEAK at the Home Club as well as a member of an all-female spoken word troupe called Sekaliwags.

C MURDA (choregrapher / performer)
Charles Li aka C Murda picked up street dance styles in 2002 at the age of 16 in Sydney Australia. He specialises in the style of Popping, a style made most famous by popular icons such as Michael Jackson. He is also able to create complex choreography depending on the nature of the class he is teaching. Charles has performed and competed in various battles, corporate events, dance showcase competitions in Singapore.

BABUSHKA (world music trio)
Babushka was formed when neo-classical guitar shredder Fauzo decided to flesh out his solo performances with additional musicians. The trio share a desire to break away from conventional pop song structures, and create instrumental music with unconventional musical scales. They perform at bars and cafes around Singapore.


PEREIRA IRVING PAUL (occultist / artist)
Simultaneously appears in spoken word circles, painting studios (bedroom), space (near Sirius), in sound systems, old school book formats, various t.v archives, in the strange dreams of others.


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