Wednesday, 18 June 2014

SPORE Art Salon 43rd Edition: 24 June!

43rd EDITION will see us chilling out with some Music.Poetry. Film... a self proclaimed Chapalang artist! And a special guest feature from Penang, Malaysia. So come. Get a drink. Sit with us...
nothing better than a lazy, artsy Tuesday evening!

WHERE : Artistry at 17 Jalan Pinang, Singapore
WHEN : Tuesday 24 June 2014
7:30PM onwards
$10 donation / guest
proceeds benefit SPORE Art Salon featured artists



Shades In Grey is collaboration between a singer/songwriter Roman Tarassov and producer/songwriter Sean Nerney (I Hate This Place). Taking inspiration from the likes of Pink Floyd, Depeche Mode and Roxette as well as a whole range of 80s music, Shades In Grey is a melodic pop/rock project that is based in Singapore.
It started in early 2012 when Roman came to his long time friend and collaborator Sean and pleaded him to record and produce the ideas that Roman has been developing. Sean agreed and a year later through recording and mostly acoustic performances there was enough material to solidify the plans for the 4 song EP. Entitled "I Can Tell You" the EP was released digitally in Oct 2013. With the addition of Mohandas on bass/vocals and Laurence Bucci on drums the band has been playing live in order to promote the new material in Singapore.

MARIEN GUILLÉ (poetry + music)
Marien GUILLÉ was born in France. His main job is writing Poetry but he doesn't want to leave Poetry in books. He organises different events and performs on stage to place Poetry on spotlight. He now travels in Asia to share his Poetry experience with different cultures and arts.

IT'S OKAY (11 mins)
Wei Xian is a 10-year-old boy who grows up in a working-class family. At home, he is a constant observer to the abuse his mother is subject to at the hands of his father. When the violence inevitably spills over, Wei Xian will have to find an outlet for his own pain.
Directed by Alvin Soh
Written by Cheng Chai Hong

Director's note:
Life itself is a long and painful journey for me as a budding film-maker to be. I usually explore themes that involve in everyday live situations especially the middle class people. I also love to play with  themes of self-help, psychology, depression, family especially which could depict a certain time-frame of the film where it was set. In a recent short film I directed called It’s Okay, I had a voice to say when I read the script. I had my own experiences with dealing family violence especially when my father faced unemployment and my mother and I suffered. Thus, I made the decision of setting this film to this particular era of Singapore where financial crisis were here to stay for a while. Not only this history gives a flavor to the mis en scene of the film and also gives more of a reason for the characters to behave more drastically.

Writer's note:
The story started out simply with an image of a red pail, an item present in almost every single Singaporean household, and a desire to imbue it with a story straight from the heartlands - domestic violence. Given such context, the innocent red pail in the story became the portrait of a broken family, and a moral lesson about the cycle of violence.

Special Guest Feature:
MARCO FERRARESE has travelled extensively and lived in Italy, the United States, China, Australia and Malaysia. He started vagabonding as a punk rock guitarist in Europe and North America. Since 2009 he's been based in Southeast Asia as a writer, hardcore punk musician and researcher. Being an overland buff, he travelled from Mongolia to Australia in 2009, and hitchhiked from Singapore to Milano through Silk Road routes and the Middle East in 2012. He's a resident blogger at Rolf Pott's Vagabonding, has written about overland Asian travel and extreme music in Asia for a variety of international publications, and blogs at Marco's first Asian pulp novel Nazi Goreng  was published in November 2013 on Monsoon Books. Follow him @monkeyrockworld

GOH KOON HUI (chapalang artist)
Koon Hui is a Year 4.5 student at NUS majoring in Theatre Studies and Literature. He is (kind of) a dancer, (somewhat) a poet, (thinks himself to be) a playwright, (aspires to be) a drama educator, (has been) a director and (really enjoys being) a performer. He is pleased that he has works with the likes of many people of the theatre industry and is currently mentored by the power couple: Rodney Oliveiro and Serena Ho as part of W!LD Rice's young & W!LD new cohort.

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