Monday, 20 October 2014

SPORE Art Salon 'SCARY' Edition!

The 'SCARY' edition of SPORE Art Salon returns - the one and only themed edition of the year! Come get your spooks on, feel bewildered and perhaps even some of that tingling thrilling wwwwooozazzwhut!!?? sensation we all get when the 'energy' is just NOT RIGHT.
Still keeping it all ARTSY SCARY, expect some strange music, dance,
mix-media performance art, film and drawing. Eeks.

WHERE : Artistry at 17 Jalan Pinang, Singapore
WHEN : Tuesday 28 October 2014
7:30PM onwards
$10 donation / guest
proceeds benefit SPORE Art Salon featured artists



PEREIRA IRVING PAUL (occultist / artist)
Simultaneously appears in spoken word circles, painting studios (bedroom), space (near Sirius), in sound systems, old school book formats, various t.v archives, in the strange dreams of others.

The MadHatter Project drives its sound around the piano and/or keyboards. It is through this configuration that we write, create and turn what already exists on its heads. Coupled with a worldview that is oxymoronically both optimistic and cynical, the result is music that is quirky and flamboyant yet introverted and introspective.

C MURDA (choregrapher / performer)
Charles Li aka C Murda picked up street dance styles in 2002 at the age of 16 in Sydney Australia. He specialises in the style of Popping, a style made most famous by popular icons such as Michael Jackson. He is also able to create complex choreography depending on the nature of the class he is teaching. Charles has performed and competed in various battles, corporate events, dance showcase competitions in Singapore.

Runtime: 9 minutes
Directed by: Sun Koh
Jen is on the verge of entry into university law school. But there's one problem - she's very pregnant. Determined to be a success in life, Jen goes on a violent spree to silence anyone who threatens to reveal her dirty secrets, only to realize that everyone else in power is a dirty bitch. Inspired by a badly censored VHS of Claire Denis' Nenette et Boni found in a Singapore library.

About Sun Koh
Sun Koh is the 3rd and illegal offspring of a family of Teochew cooks during an era of Singapore’s two-child policy. Her poor hawker parents were slapped with a state fine for giving birth to her in 1977. She didn’t speak a word till 4 years old and is making up for lost time.
Sun is currently finishing an omnibus feature film pre-selected for the 2010 Golden Horse Film Festival in Taipei, and writing her debut feature “A Million Monkeys”.

(drawing / performance)

In the midst of this chaotic realm that I exist, I chose to be colourful and celebrate the undying pain of this suffering that this world is now experiencing. I don't intend to create something but more of fusing my creative experiences and moments with the existing.
Being someone who loves to incorporate metaphorical messages, I love to fantasize about the things I do and would always end up in a fantasy world more colourful than the actual reality.
I would like to celebrate sincerity in love and spread it through my visual works.

Zulkhairi Bin Zulkiflee (b. 1991) was born in Singapore and is currently pursuing a Diploma in Art (Teaching). His practice deals with the notion of cardinality and bodily experiences, addressing issues such as liminal identities, displacement, roles of spirituality, and the body in relation to external conditions. Through such investigations, Zulkhairi works in a range media and techniques, including painting, drawing, photography and new media.

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