Monday, 18 August 2014

SPORE Art Salon 45th Edition!

SPORE Art Salon returns this month with a Bagobo-Tagabawa musician from the Philippines! A photography / social cause feature! Some really awesome performance poetry!
Annnddd... a contemporary spiritual music maker!
Grab your drawing material and join us Tuesday evening for yet another night out of multi-disciplinary stimulus!

WHERE : Artistry at 17 Jalan Pinang, Singapore
WHEN : Tuesday 26 August 2014
7:30PM onwards
$10 donation / guest
proceeds benefit SPORE Art Salon featured artists



DOODU KARANI (traditional musician)
An authentic Bagobo-Tagabawa tribe descend from the City of Davao (Philippines) practicing the traditional Bagobo-Tagabawa tribe Philosophy, Arts & Culture. Doodu Karani is an ethno-visual artist, poet, songwriter, ethno-musical instrumentalist, dance choreographer & a ballet teacher. He is also an Autonomous Tribe’s Education System Guru, a Bagobo-Flex & Fitness Instructor, an advocate for Mindanao Tribe’s Liberation & Empowerment Agenda, a volunteer formatter for the Buluyan Tribal Formation Center of Mamaān, Sibulan, Toril, Davao City, and a Garden Operator & Designer for a living, practicing both Tribe’s Agri-Tech, Organic & Environmental friendly method.
He started making music in the 70’s with genres Ethno and contemporary. The songs he writes are in English and Bagobo-Tagabawa. He plays the guitar, hand drums, flute, and traditional instruments such as Kuglong (a string instrument), Kombeng (a wind instrument), Agung, and Kulintang.

Marylyn is a linguistics major at Nanyang Technological University. She hopes to continue amassing more obscure yet useful knowledge in time to come. Besides sometimes fumbling with words, she enjoys theatre, strange and wonderful art of any sort, and has recently discovered spoken word poetry. She has been called, among a slew of other things, an ‘erotic poet’. Marylyn believes in not being an open book, and writes for your bewilderment.

From sound healing to Avant-Garde music, Pablo is an eclectic music maker and multi-instrumentalist to whom music is above all a spiritual practice and a flying carpet. Currently a student of Classical Indian music and Master in Composition by the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, and an indefatigable traveler and researcher, he has also worked extensively with Theatre, spiritual and contemporary concert music in different parts of the world. In his opinion Music is a sound simile of the universe itself in a human creative scale. Be it through simple listening or active making it connects us to the Self and testifies to our oneness-with-all nature. In this edition of the Art Salon Pablo will be presenting a version of his current project called `Planetary Soul` that brings together in an original way many of the influences he has gathered along his life journey.

JASMINE TEH (photographer)

...more details to follow!

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