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SPORE Art Salon 38th Edition: 28 January!

HAPPY 2014, one and all!
We return to the new year with the 38th Edition of SPORE Art Salon, featuring Neil Chan for finger tappin' goodness on the guitar, Uwe Juergen Bauer for a bit of visual art on the Maneki-neko - where your participation would be required! Izzy for a stint of sing and dance, plus more!
See you all Tuesday 28 January, same time, same place!

WHERE : Artistry at 17 Jalan Pinang, Singapore
WHEN : Tuesday 28 January 2014
7:30PM onwards
$10 donation / guest
proceeds benefit SPORE Art Salon featured artists


UPDATE 27 January 2014
Mark Grist of the UK will be joining us at the SPORE Art Salon 38th Edition.
Check out some of his videos here -
And a popular rap battle gone viral -


NEIL CHAN (guitarist)
Neil was awarded a full scholarship at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music to pursue a Bachelor of Music (Honors) Degree in Recording Arts and Science, in 2011. Neil has performed at many major events such as the Mosaic Music Festival, NUS Arts Festival, ‘Esplanade Presents: National Day Celebrations,’ the Singapore Night Festival, ‘Noise Singapore 2011,’ and the ‘Singapore Youth Festival 2009.’ He also emerged champion at the ‘Singapore Street Festival Band Competition’ in 2012.

Neil is an official ambassador of Maestro Guitars, representing their latest series of double-top guitars. He also recently released his debut self-titled EP. Neil has much experience performing at many venues including The Esplanade, Fort Canning Park, the University Cultural Centre (UCC), and the School of the Arts (SOTA). He also performs regularly at various venues within the National University of Singapore (NUS). Neil has been featured live on radio stations 98.7FM and Radiopulze. He has also been showcased on ‘’ under the music show ‘Playlist,’ featuring local musicians performing their original music. Neil is a mentee of the Noise Singapore 2011 'The Music Mentorship Program'. He has been mentored under the guidance of Daniel Sassoon of 'Electrico' and 'In Each Hand a Cutlass', Saiful Idris of 'The Great Spy Experiment', and Bani Haykal of 'B-Quartet'. Neil also actively teaches acoustic fingerstyle guitar privately. As a sound designer, Neil has also written articles on sound photography on the photojournalism blog ‘Theme’.

UWE JUERGEN BAUER (visual artist)
Uwe was born in 1964 in the Black-Forest in Germany. He has been for 30 years in the corporate world and worked and lived in Germany, US and Hong Kong. In 2010 he moved to Singapore and set-up his own consultancy business in the solar industry. In 2013 Uwe discovered the Arts and started painting. He is now exploring different styles and techniques whereas his main drive is to share his joy with people around him. His passion for cats gave him the inspiration for his first painting. “my maneki-neko story”, 25 maneki-neko or lucky cats representing different stages and facets of his life. The creative process was so insightful that he wishes to inspire everyone to create a maneki-neko for themselves. As the saying goes: “Shared joy is a doubled joy”. Uwe organized the first maneki-neko event last summer which brought so much joy, creativity and sharing among all participants that the idea of a maneki-neko website was born.

He believed that there're things that you can't simply put down in words but to express it through performance. his passion for stage started at the age of 5, with the help of his mum and aunt, by guiding him in joining numerous singing competitions. Nothing can stop or separate him and the stage, performing without fail in secondary school. That's when he realized another gift (talent) : Dance. From Contemporary Jazz to Bharata Natyam to Vogueing.
He then discovered drag at the age of 17. ever since then, he's been drag performing for corporate shows, dinner and dance, nightclubs, CD launches and currently working as the resident artist in Tantric Bar. Walking away with the Champ title in Drag Academy 2011 has helped him establish himself in the gay community in Singapore. Him, being a risk-taker, made the decision to expose himself in Vancouver, Canada and had made appearances in several nightclubs, mostly along Davie Street. He made a come back in 2012 in Singapore and became one of the regular performers in Avalon. Things didn't turn out the way as expected however, Avalon changed directions and he still is thirsty for a platform to showcase what he can really bring to the table. He has been told that he's energetic, innovative, authentic and bold on stage. He is willing to take any risk to make an impact. On a personal side, what keeps him going is humility. Arrogance won't lead you far. Embrace the freak that you are!

DAN TAN (poet)
Dan is an avid poet and hobbyist who's discovered his passion for writing in the last few years. He loves to roll his poems hot off the press and savor words on his tongue. Of all techniques for writing, he hates editing the most. Therefore, you can expect his poems to be raw, scribbled out of an untimely surge of inspiration or angstpiration on the trains, some void deck or bus.


Azara was a budding musician before she discovered that dancing brings her greater joy than playing music. Hungry as a newbie dancer, she created events (parties, concerts) just so she could perform in them. Her greatest audience had been one with 4000 people at a corporate event, performing as a sword dancer. Having performed publicly with various musical instruments, her musical experience lend texture and substance to her dance. She is best known for her feel for rhythms and the passion exuded in the dance. Her dream is to devote herself to dance as a mastery, and through this art, bring beauty and soul to the world.

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