Friday, 15 November 2013


We turn 3 this November, you guys.
That is a total of 36 EDITIONS!
As with tradition, we have invited featured-before artists to return
to celebrate the anniversary edition with us.

SO, YOU KNOW THE ROUTINE. Bring your pens, pencils, sketchpads for drawing in between the stage performances, and your friends, family members to join us in the celebration of our birthday edition - the 36th EDITION at Artistry!

WHERE : Artistry at 17 Jalan Pinang, Singapore
WHEN : Tuesday 26 November 2013 7:30PM onwards
$10 donation / guest
proceeds benefit SPORE Art Salon featured artists



She has read poetry, acted in a short play reading, and hosted one of the SPORE Art Salon editions. Now watch her lead newly formed dub band WOBOLOGY with vocals. And be ready to groove along.
Wobology is the creation of computer sound scientist Richard Meade, gracious guitar hero Rupak George, mad tricks trombonist Eriko Murakami and poet performer Deborah Emmanuel. Their four nation backgrounds come together to make dub/reggae/electronic compositions about love, good vibes and equality. They hope you will get in the groove with them. They hope to show you how music can speak for the injustices we think we cannot change.

"An original cinematic theatre experience : OX by Adeline Pang"
Ox isn't just a play with film projections shown in between scenes; it is an intimate sharing of grief and loss, and an ode to the joy of being alive. 
There is a young writer called Mei who is mourning the recent death of her grandmother; Mei remembers what her grandmother had told her, to be strong, "like an Ox". Another young woman known only as She is grieving the loss of her lover, and the parallel stories of these two women intertwine. As Mei writes and retells childhood stories, fantastic things begin to happen; with characters like a wolf with the face of a human, and a man with the head of an ox, Mei and She find themselves on a journey through the surreal. In the end, they will both overcome the strongholds of grief with ox-like inner strength. And they will realize the profoundly personal connection between them.
With a theme that centers around the connections between heritage and modernity, and in keeping with Skinned Knee Productions’ exploration of non-traditional theatre spaces, Ox will be staged in The Vault, a restaurant bar on Circular Road where the audience members can drink to a unique theatre experience in an atmospheric urban setting. 
This play will be presented at The Vault, 5 December.
Come by the 3rd Birthday Edition of SPORE Art Salon to watch a small preview of what to expect!

JOCELYN SUAREZ x C MURDA // poetryxdance collab!
About the artists :
Charles Li aka C Murda picked up street dance styles in 2002 at the age of 16 in Sydney Australia. He specialises in the style of Popping, a style made most famous by popular icons such as Michael Jackson. He is also able to create complex choreography depending on the nature of the class he is teaching. Charles has performed and competed in various battles, corporate events, dance showcase competitions in Singapore.
aka SOAP
Jocelyn (AKA soap) IS not a poet. She is a prose writer who finds it increasingly eerie that she is referring to herself in the third person... or that she is writing poems. She writes... sometimes, however, most of the time is spent staring into nothing and pretending to muse about life. Life is part of what she writes - the absurd parts of life, like pancake-shaped psychiatric tablets and mermen. It is generally accepted that her verses tend to be mushy, but what's life without the gagging reflex? She doesn't know why she calls herself soap.

NINA CHABRA // life drawing model!
Nina believes that this is the zeitgeist of the generalist.
She is trained in film/video production and works as a freelancer.
Which leaves her some times to learn and practice other forms of creativity and collaborate with all kinds of fantastic folks locally.
She is currently experimenting with growing food and teaching herself to draw. Here are web links to some of her pursuits -

A presentation of dance by Ronaldo Domingo

1. Celebration of Life
Artists: Ren Robles - spoken words
         Puiman Young - performing artist

2. Celebration of Friendship (intro words by Ren)
Artists: Ace Patrick Dequina
         John Ezekiel Tanjutco

3. Celebration of Faith (intro words by Ren)
Artist: Marrion Jeremy Quiambao

4. Celebration of Love (words by Ren)
Artists: Ronaldo Domingo
         Kathy Domingo

Our favourite salonista, Becca D'Bus will be hosting this edition. And visiting artist Jolien Naeyaert will be treating us to a video performance!

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