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SPORE Art Salon 32nd Edition 30 July!

Well aren't we all glad to have clear skies abound? Seems like only yesterday that this island was covered with smog... in a blink of the eye it's a month later and guess what, it's time for the 32nd Edition of SPORE Art Salon! July will see Tania De Rozario through, hooray!
Come watch her read a set of her best poems, and allow your heart be lifted
by the original compositions of Marcel Lee Pereira!
Here comes a twist - we're presenting sample some tasters of letter crafting Vikas Bhatt Kailankaje has put together for this month ONLY! These exercises will take the place of our usual drawing sessions, some materials will be provided.
Read on for full details on this... and see you guys on event day!

WHERE : BluJaz Cafe (3rd Storey)
WHEN : Tuesday 30 July 2013 8PM onwards
$10 / guest --- includes 1 drink
proceeds benefit BluJaz and SPORE Art Salon featured artists



Vikas Kailankaje is the Principal Designer of STUDIO VBK, a critical design practice rendering editorial and design services. Vikas holds a Master of Architecture (2010) from the National University of Singapore and has experience in print design and communication. Vikas currently divides his time between practice and teaching. In his free time, Vikas dabbles in lettering, cartooning and hosting walking tours that draw upon humour and historical intrigue to enrich our reading of the city.

LETTERING: A Tasting Session

Segment 1: Six basic strokes 
Good lettering begins with an understanding of draftmanship. Unlike calligraphy, where the chief emphasis is on penmanship, lettering begins with constructing the letters of sound proportion. Participants are provided graph paper but are free to use any of the provided writing instruments or may bring their own - be it a fine brush pen, a calligraphic marker or a ballpoint pen. We start with a warm-up of drawing various lines and arcs.

Segment 2: Sequence and repeating elements
Participants are taught to judge proportion and balance between letters using a ten-by-ten grid as a basis. With a grid, the basic sequence in which to lay down basic strokes is explored. Once, an idea of basic strokes is understood, participants are introduced to the idea of composing various letters by combining two or more strokes. 

Segment 3: Think of a composition
Finally, to help participants imagine how these skills may be applied in the physical landscape, some compositional matters are discussed. For example, mind your Zs and Qs and any letter that appears at the start of a line of is an excuse to add some visual flair to a composition. Strategically adding little ornaments like twirls to a letter can boost the character of a composition as well.

MATERIAL NOTE : Graph paper will be provided for these exercises. Please bring only pens or pencils with even line thickness to use.

Marcel Lee Pereira is a singer-songwriter from Singapore. A journalist who taught himself how to play the guitar as a teenager, Marcel is a storyteller-dreamer who believes that music can touch hearts and inspire change. His brand of folk-rock speaks to people beyond the shores of his hometown; his songs go out to anyone who believes in love, hope and passion, and to those who dare to dream.

Tania De Rozario is an artist, writer and curator interested in personal stories and their connections to larger issues of gender and sexuality. Author of Tender Delirium (Math Paper Press, 2013) and Reasons for the Rain (forthcoming, Nov 2013), she is currently penning her third book, And The Walls Come Crumbling Down. Recipient of the 2011 SPH-NAC Golden Point Award for English Poetry, she has undertaken writing residencies at Hedgebrook (USA) and Sangam House (India).

As a visual artist, Tania has been exhibiting for over a decade. Her first solo exhibition, A Language of Longing, opened at The Substation Gallery in 2011. Her curatorial portfolio includes Landing Places (Objectifs Centre for Photography & Filmmaking, Singapore, 2012) and Only Breath (Café Kunst Sappho, Amsterdam, 2009.)

She is also a co-founder/curator of EtiquetteSG, a multidisciplinary collective focused on platforming women’s voices. Including its upcoming anthology, it has showcased work by over 70 artists, writers, curators, filmmakers and academics.

Tania currently serves as an Associate Artist at The Substation, where she is working on Making Trouble, a two-year project investigating relationships between art and activism in Singapore. On the side, she teaches Contemporary Contextual Studies at Lasalle College of the Arts.


LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST... A bonus for you scrolling all the way down here!

The "I ATE TIONG BAHRU" book giveaway is STILL on! We have changed the how-to-win format a little bit now, but you will need to actually be at the 32nd Edition itself to find out what needs to be done so you can score one of the two copies that we have in our hands!!! Muchas Gracias Stephen Black & Books Actually!

Photo credit : Books Actually
Unlike most of the island country of Singapore, the Tiong Bahru estate looks like it did when it was built over seventy-five years ago. Its distinctive Art Deco architecture and famous food have delighted Singaporeans for generations.
From swamps and kampungs to colonial public housing experiment to wi-fi'd cosmopolitan community, Tiong Bahru represents many of the changes which have occurred in Singapore and throughout Southeast Asia.

I Ate Tiong Bahru is a fact-based, lyrical documentary. For more info, visit
To buy, visit

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