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SPORE Art Salon 29th Edition 30 April!

Hello folks! The 29th Edition brings to us a fair bit of literature - poetry AND a short stage play! Tipped with a 4-person visual/audio collaboration, and rounded off by not so regular drawing sessions! READ ON... for more information on what's to come!

WHERE : BluJaz Cafe (3rd Storey)
WHEN : Tuesday 30 April 2013 7:45PM onwards
FB Event Page :
$10 / guest --- includes 1 drink
proceeds benefit BluJaz and SPORE Art Salon featured artists

See you there!



Born in France, Syv Bruzeau went to Japan after university to explore Asia and its culture and never left this part of the world.
Following her enthusiasm for travel and her curiosity to experience different cultures, she opened a few restaurants with a friend in South-East Asia. This passion for providing joy and bonding between people led her to ... movement healing!
She discovered Butoh, a very unique and fascinating dance, while in Japan, and continuted to study it in the Himalayas, New York City and Japan. She practiced other movement-based and awareness techniques and is now sharing her experience through her own method, Oneness Flow, here in Singapore.
Syv believes that movement can be self-healing, self-discovering and creative. She wants people to reconnect with themselves and with their true potential, to discover the infinite possibilities of expression, and the freedom and joy it can bring.

Crispin is an educator, emcee and writer. In between churning out research papers and marking assignments, he writes short plays, poems and is now experimenting with prose. Inspired by everything from folklore to quantum physics to Bob Dylan, he is interested in the ways literature, music and visual art interact. He has performed at events such as the Singapore Writers Festival and The Arts House Writers Party, and is a past president of the Epiphany, the NTU English and Drama Society (, where he still contributes to their magazine and theatre nights. He is the current editor-in-chief of a new online literary journal, The Eloquent Orifice (, the publications arm of Alterity Productions, an upcoming drama and literary group, and has a collection of plays due at the end of 2013.

Comprising of visual and sound artists from France, Japan and Singapore, this spontaneous 4-person experimental outfit will attempt at tickling your visual and auditory senses.

Across this sound and live drawing performance, Unii (sound artist), wxymm (sound artist) , Clare Ryan (visual artist) and ~1escV? (sound and visual artist)  would like to mix their creative universes in order to compose a kind of sensitive travel to the audience.

Using soundscape, feminine electroacoustic weirdness, origami lyrics,  electronic melodies and colorful lines and imagery, they would like to invite the viewers to construct their own narrative experience according to present imaginary tales and personal past history.

Technically, the electronic sounds would be create, improvise and organize from 4 computers and different sounds softwares (Unii +wxymm + ~1escV?).

Unii would also add some vocal textures and poems according to the electronic basement.

The live drawing would be made  with "Processing" (computer programming software) , a Wacom drawing pen tablet (~1escV? and Clare Ryan) and projected from computer to the screeen by video~projector...

“Un Escargot Vide?" (Sebastien/FRANCE)
Un Escargot Vide? is a French Sound/Graffiti Artist based in Asia. He travels around S.E.A. doing village murals and performing a hybrid of sounds and live drawings.
“When I was a child, I used drawings to communicate with other kids, it created connections with my entourage. Until now, I still had a strong feeling in my mind about my first drawing. Drawing to me, it’s more like a present, a message, a souvenir and a link between humans. I always wanted to reconcile my two media attraction; drawing and sound art into a multidisciplinary art project. Since year 2010, I started to use real-time drawing projection to present my work by using projector, computer drawing software’s and the Wacom drawing pen tablet, which evolves with sound into multimedia performances.
During live performances, I tried to create a narrative combination between sounds and drawings: as a means of leading the audience into an imaginary tales. I'm currently working on my art project using the name: “Un Escargot Vide ?", aka "~1escV?" (An empty snail?)”

 Unii (JAPAN)
Tokyo-based Unii is a sound artist and singer-songwriter unabashedly brandishing her pop sensibilities with no holds-barred experimentation in delicate, origami-like pop song structures with their advances into capricious avant-pop genius and feminine electroacoustic weirdness. Unii's first LP "new world, sea and your eyes" (2011) and her live performances evoke an awkwardly beautiful and elegant soundscape that brings into existence a slowed-down universe of whispery sing-speak, delicate coos, multitracked echoes, reconstituted field recordings, digital clicks and blips, tempered noise and unorthodox beats.

Clare Marie Ryan (SINGAPORE)
Clare Ryan (b. 1988) attained her Diploma in Fine Art (Printmaking) from Nanyang Academy of Fine Art (NAFA) in 2010. She works closely with traditional printmaking techniques and has a keen preference for etching and drawing. Interested in animation, Clare also designs and works with motion graphics. A former student of English Literature, she enjoys reading and writing in her free time, especially fascinated by mythology, storytelling and narrative work.

Wyxmm (Terence/SINGAPORE)
wyxmm ... ... ... doesn't mean anything. Made up from a series of random but coincidental letters. It looks like, but not entirely, a word that sounds like, but not quite like, something that can be pronounced. The sound/tunes/music/noise created are exactly the same ... wyxmm, an emergent esoteric sound artist, excels at disarming melody lines and using random sound samples to add texture to his pieces. His works can be said to be a cross between music and soundscape. Tools - Guitar, bass, laptop and whatever and whoever he can find.
Influences : Late nights with no sleep

A SECOND CHANCE (stage play)

Directed by Richard Lord
Performed by Deborah Emmanuel & Ralph Go

We all like to get a second chance. But what if that second chance is also your last chance – your very last chance. That’s the predicament Roger finds himself when, in the middle of a life-threatening health incident, he is confronted by a supernatural being who offers him a final chance to save himself. But when this supernatural being tells Roger of the price he will have to pay to save himself, he starts to have doubts that being saved is really such a good deal.
This one-act play is a comedy with of social commentary thrown in to leaven the whole. The reading will be handled by Deborah Emmanuel and Ralph Go, two widely experienced stage performers.

About the artists -

Richard Lord
Richard Lord is the author or co-author of over 20 books. But before he threw himself whole-heartedly into publishing, he worked extensively in the theatre as an actor, director, playwright and even producer. He has had more than a dozen one-act and full-length plays professionally staged – in Boston, London,Singapore, Melbourne, Sydney and several German cities. He also had some 50 sketches performed in Frankfurt, Germany for a pub theatre company he co-founded.
Two of Lord’s plays were broadcast by BBC World Service Radio, the second of which (The Boys At City Hall …) was a BBC Highlight of the Month. His ten-minute play Exchanges won as Best Play in the first Singapore Short&Sweet Festival (2007) while his short play Prisoners was first runner-up as audience favourite at Melbourne’s Short But Not So Sweet Festival (2009).
In the field of musical theatre, Lord collaborated with Singapore’s celebrated composer Ken Lyen on Casino, a satire of casinos and the reckless practices of the financial industry. Richard Lord contributed book and lyrics for this show, which was first presented as a 20-minute musical in July 2010, then as a full-scale two-act musical in March 2011.
Lord’s novel, The Strangler’s Waltz (a murder mystery set in 1913 Vienna), is scheduled for publication this April by Monsoon Books, Singapore.

 Deborah Emmanuel
Deborah Emmanuel's first time on stage was in the kindergarten circus musical. She desperately wanted to be a ballerina, but was made to wear a hairy bear suit instead. Since then she has played more humans and animals with companies such as Singapore Repertory Theatre, Bud's Theatre, Disney and OKTO.
Her performance poetry has been to the Spore Art Salon, ContraDiction, TEDx Singapore and the Causeway Exchange Festival KL. She works in schools to spread her love for art as the beginning of change, because she knows that anyone can heal when they express themselves through art.

Ralph Go

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