Friday, 15 February 2013

SPORE Art Salon : 27th Edition 26 Feb!

Right on track at BluJaz Cafe on the last Tuesday of February inspite of rainy days and CNY festivities, watch kick ass newbie performance poet Jocelyn Suarez take the stage this month, be mesmerised by 3-piece music makers Stretched Souls, and we end off the evening with Respirator, a short film by Michael Tay. There will be, as usual, life drawing sessions in between artist features, so come with pencils, pens, and paper to participate. See you guys then!

WHERE : BluJaz Cafe (3rd Storey)
WHEN : Tuesday 26 February 2013 8PM onwards
FB Event Page :



JOCELYN SUAREZ (not a poet)
aka SOAP
Jocelyn (AKA soap) IS not a poet. She is a prose writer who finds it increasingly eerie that she is referring to herself in the third person... or that she is writing poems. She writes... sometimes, however, most of the time is spent staring into nothing and pretending to muse about life. Life is part of what she writes - the absurd parts of life, like pancake-shaped psychiatric tablets and mermen. It is generally accepted that her verses tend to be mushy, but what's life without the gagging reflex? She doesn't know why she calls herself soap.

DAN TAN to take the spot of Jocelyn Suarez
"I'm a poetry writer whose first poem was a Singlish poem to a prospective girl in Secondary One. The relationship never happened, but fulled by this fiasco, I pursued Literature and poetry relentlessly. My first inspiration was Robert Frost. Then, I dealt heavily in rhyme and meter, and Nature poetry. Subsequently, due to influences from Society, I turned my perspectives toward writing about the ills and situations of people instead. Currently, a bulk of my poems deal with Singapore life, and local thinking, but occasionally you get a love poem or nature recurring in my topic.
Outside of poetry, there's my life, of course. I'm shuttling between home and wherever I traverse to, often for a quest of modern adventure. Sightseeing's the term, but I reflect into my soul for answers and... more poetry to conceive, like eggs. On a part-time basis, I dabble in Chinese chess, and run around the void decks of Singapore like a crazyass chicken trying to polish up my sword and skill (chickens don't hold swords, so horrible metaphor).
My repertoire of poetry can be found on my Facebook. Simply search "Dan Tan" in the little white box up on the blue bar, and you can source out my name. There aren't too many Dan Tans around. Hahahahaha. PM me if you want a coffee or a dedication poem (for your girlfriend/boyfriend)."

p/s if you're completely lost

MICHAEL TAY (film maker)
Michael Tay Hong Khoon is a graduate from the School of Film, Sound and Video at Ngee Ann Polytechnic in 2003. He is also a fine arts degree holder who majors in digital film-making at the School of Art, Design and Media, Nanyang Technological University in 2009.
Having won 4 awards for his short film, Wet Season, and being the first Singaporean at age 25 to have his short film selected for competition at the recent Sundance Film Festival 2009, Michael is already being recognized as one of Singapore’s new wave of rising film makers.
His award winning short film “Wet Season” is included in a DVD release of “Singapore Shorts Vol. 2″. He has also directed the short film "Respirator", served as producer and cinematographer for "Mu Gui Ying" and written "Sisters" and "An Encounter in the Woods".

"RESPIRATOR 铁 心" 2009, 19mins
To save her 7 year old son from dying of a rare heart disease, a single mother undergoes a bizarre operation but recovers only to realize the terrifying consequences that come along with it. 

Director's statement:
My most ambitious short film production to date. Respirator actually originated from one of those ideas that I kept away for years because I felt it wasn’t good then when I first conceived it. However at some point in life, you take another look at these ideas again and start to see a totally different light in them.
Respirator is about ethics or rather the lack of it. Good will is hard to cultivate these days and people can get exploited easily because of it. Just like how charity organizations in our country have profit from the contributions of others.
This short film is dedicated to those who have given and to those who only want to profit. It is also a reminder that every life has a price.

Stretched Souls consists of three friends with varying musical influences and experiences coming together to bring music written by the chronically-shy introvert Jasmine - who never in her life would imagine her songs being heard outside of the comfort of her bedroom walls. Together with friends Ying and Jennifer, they attempt to recreate music inspired by "not so ordinary life experiences", cutting across stories that investigate the meaning behind life, its dissonances to the soul, and what makes us human.
"It is the stretched soul that makes music, and souls are stretched by the pull of opposites - opposite bents, tastes, yearnings, loyalties. Where there is no polarity - where energies flow smoothly in one direction - there will be much doing but no music. - Eric Hoffer"


Nabilah H. (or Nab. Or Nebula) goes through pseudonyms like she goes through bottles of salsa cheese. She teaches, makes funny left-wing comic stuff ( and writes and performs poetry that often covers topics like creation, social change, liquid, feminism, one-way relationships, attempts at love, self-actualisation, internal debates with the wankers that live in her head, and caffeine. She likes words like ‘coup de grâce’. She has recently gotten over her fear of public speaking and started performing her poetry to audiences that are not imagined. She has read at Poetry Unplugged (London), Sage & Time (London) and various Poetry Slam events in Singapore, and runs a spoken-word open-mic (destination: INK) with her visual-textual collective, spacer.gif. She likes cats and tea biscuits.

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